Dubbed the ‘world’s first voice-powered smart ring’, the makers of the ORII wearable ring are hoping it could be the future of the smartphone. Thanks to some advanced technology, the wearable transmits sound through your finger to your ear, offering a stylish and espionage-like way of answering your phone.

The ORII Ring Puts Your Smartphone on Your Finger

Smart rings are nothing new. But the ORII has done away with typical characteristics in the field, interestingly opting for no smart screen. Instead the ORII is relying on its enhanced bone conduction technology to do the talking. ‘Designed to become an integral part of your life’, ORII uses bone conduction to send sound discreetly to your ear, creating a device which allows freedom from screen-based interaction.

Created by Hong Kong-based start-up Origami Labs, the ORII ring aims to take connectivity to the next level. As well as being able to make calls, you can send messages and also command a voice assistant – similar to Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant – by placing your fingertip to their ear.


The smartring features a dual-noise cancellation microphone meaning you can talk and hear in even the loudest environments, and it’s also scratch and splash-proof thanks to some anodised aluminium. We’re also assured its durable, lightweight and comfortable too.

Available in matte black, sandblasted silver, and metallic dark grey, the ORII smartphone ring is being crowdfunded over at Kickstarter where it’s already smashed its $30,000 target with around 3 weeks of funding to go. Head over to the ORII Kickstarter Website where you can get hold of one for around £90 ($119). Deliveries are expected in February 2018.




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