We’re always on the lookout for the next fun gadget here at Average Joes. And we think we’ve come across a corker all the way from the Netherlands. Take a look at the Dutch’s answer to the Segway, the Oxboard!

The Oxboard is a very simple concept with an inevitably complex design. Essentially it’s a platform on wheels which Joes can use to travel from A to B. The Oxboard is simple to use, extremely manoeuvrable and gets you there fast. Plus it’s 100% electric.

Segway created a new category of transport with its self-balancing scooters – now the Oxboard makes this accessible to all. It’s much smaller and therefore much more convenient. While you’re going to need to have some sort of sense of balance, the makers say most Joes master the Oxboard within fifteen minutes or so.

It comes from Eindhoven, at the heart of a region world-famous for its designs and innovations. With the Oxboard, you can go forward and backward, make turns and even spin 360 degrees.

The brains of an Oxboard is built on thousands of lines of code and high-quality high-speed sensors which enables a silky-smooth Oxboard ride. But don’t worry too much, there’s plenty of rubber bumpers that offer extra protection if you’re not so silky!

All this is very well but we know what you’re thinking. How fast can she go? Fully charged, Joes can get up roughly 10 kilometres an hour and the battery will last for around 15-20 kilometres. So you’re getting almost two hours of fun of a charge – not bad! There are also LED lamps with 6000Kelvin that light up the route ahead if you’re boarding in the evening too.

You can get hold of an Oxboard in either Red, Black or White for around £575 (€799) plus postage from the Oxboard Website. Not cheap but my word they look fun!