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Palm Pre Released

Palm Pre Released

After all the speculation finally Palm has announced it’s new Pre will go on sale 6 June in the US and will only be available on the Sprint network.

The much-anticipated handset will cost $199.99 (£129), after a rebate, and buyers must take out a two-year contract when signing up. Palm expect the phone to be available nationwide at launch and has signed up four stores for release.

No date has been given for when the handset will launch in the UK.

The Pre has impressed in beta tests with many loving the brand new OS, which is geared towards working with the websites, such as social networks and e-mail services, people use when out and about. The phone automatically recognises when owners connect to social or e-mail services and builds up a global list of contacts and login details as it is used.

Also much touted is the new wireless charging dock. This will not be included in the basic bundle for the phone but will cost an additional $69.99 (£45) for the Touchstone dock and cover for the Pre.

I think most of the buss is Palm ofter make good devices, will the Pre fall into this category? let’s wait and see!



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