Wireless speakers that can be connected through multi-rooms are all the rage. Whilst Bluetooth sets are the ultimate in portable, a good multi-room systems is a must have in the modern household. Earlier this year, Panasonic introduced 4 new models to its multi-room ALL connected wireless speaker range. The ALL9 and All05 joined an already growing range of speakers designed for different rooms and different lifestyles. The multi-room audio market has become incredibly competitive in recent years, so it is more important than ever for a series of speakers to tick the required lifestyle and sound quality boxes. We’ve been living with the All9 & All05 speakers for the past couple of months, read on for our full review.

Panasonic SC-ALL9 & SC-ALL05 Review

Panasonic SC-ALL9 Wireless Speaker Review

This speaker is a bit of a unit. Large enough that my fiancé’s first reaction, although obvious, was to explain in no uncertain terms that it was really bloody big. Big is good, big means it comes with 80W output power, two 3-inch woofers and a large subwoofer for extra bass. The quality of the sound from the ALL9 is excellent. The five speakers will deliver a superb dynamic mid-range that will handle everything from rock to acoustic beats with no straining on the hardware. We streamed several movies through the speakers which soon put my standard TV speakers to shame. All you need to know regarding the sound quality of the ALL9 is that there isn’t much it can’t handle.

Panasonic All-9 Speaker Review

The key selling point to this wireless speaker is the wireless connectivity and the ease of integration into your everyday life. There is a dedicated Android and iOS app (Panasonic Music Stream) that controls all of the speakers that you have connected to your network. The app walks you through a relatively hassle-free connection process. I’ll have to admit that I had a few teething problems connecting the ALL9 and ALL05 to my wireless network – I’m still unsure if this was down to user error or if the connection process just needs improving, but once up there have been no issues. Connecting to your home WiFi network allows the speaker to be controlled from any device in any room, as long as the phone and app are on the same network.

Panasonic All-9 Speaker Review

The app allows you to connect several music streaming services including Spotify, ALL Stream Radio, AUPEO! and Napster. The radio app wasn’t my usual radio app, but it works very well picking up a huge range of stations and comes with a handy favourites tab to save your most listened too stations (Magic, obvs). Spotify works really well with the ALL series as the app is built in to detect devices connected to the network. Whether you’re streaming your music from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll have full control. A fairly simple thing, but one that these type of audio systems needs to become a part of your everyday life. How many gadgets do you use consistently on a daily basis? These speakers very quickly became a part of our daily life.

Panasonic SC-ALL9 Wireless Speaker – £329.99

Panasonic SC-ALL05 Wireless Speaker Review

The Panasonic All-05 is the portable & waterproof speaker of the All multiform speaker series – and as we know, being part of the ALL multiform audio family is a pretty good place to be. The seamless connectivity, endless speaker options and the chance to control the audio in your entire home from one spot will appeal to many. Life isn’t static and you don’t want your speakers to be bound to one location or even one environment.

Panasonic SC ALL-05 Speaker Review

This is why the Ultimate Ears Megaboom has reigned supreme in the portable, Bluetooth market in recent years. The tough, rugged & waterproof speaker is truly excellent. It does lack one thing, however. The Megaboom isn’t quite a part of the bigger picture like the All05 system is. Yes you can connect two Megabooms together, but you can’t connect to your soundbar, a speaker upstairs, downstairs, in the garden – you get the picture.

The ALL05 boasts a battery life around 9 hours, although we haven’t yet reached the 9 hour mark, we also haven’t been away from a power source for 9 hours (#firstworldproblems). Pairing with other All products via the app is nice and simple and you’ll be streaming your music in multiple rooms with ease. The ALL05 speaker is where you can break the speaker free from it’s permanent base and move it around the house. Take your music into the bathroom while you shower, bring it with you into the kitchen while you are cooking or take it outside (carefully) while you chill in the garden. Having a waterproof speaker gives you the confidence to really use it as a true portable speaker. We have tested other speakers before that have been far too nice to literally throw around and the ALL05 falls into this category. Portable and waterproof, yes, but we certainly wouldn’t want to drop this onto a solid floor or take into the swimming pool (the Megaboom floats don’t you know). I may be drifting away from the point of this speaker. It hasn’t been built for swimming pool action. It has been built to be part of a bigger group of speakers that will fill your home with your favourite music.

However, place this in your bathroom or kitchen and even if it is next to water you will never need to worry – adventure maybe not, but true lifestyle it certainly is.

Panasonic SC ALL-05 Speaker Review

The sound quality isn’t fantastic. Its performance varies from genre-to-genre and also depending what type of movie you are streaming through the speakers. At ‘normal’ volume levels and paired with another speaker the overall sound is very good. As a standalone speaker that you would want to fill a room with sound, I’m not sure the All-05 would cut it. We’d put the All-05 in the secondary speaker category, but this isn’t to say it’s not very good. Quite the opposite.

Panasonic SC-ALL05 Wireless Speaker – £199.99

Panasonic ALL Series Speakers Review Verdict

The All series delivers a true multi-room, wireless audio system that will make you wonder why you kept your music confined to one room for so many years. A good quality app, seamless integration with radio and music streaming services, good looks, excellent sound quality and a whole family of speakers for different situations. If you haven’t let your music roam free, now might be the time to invest in a multi-room audio system.

For more info and technical specs, head over to the Panasonic website.



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