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Parrot Minidrones

We love a gadget here at Average Joes. More than that, we love a gadget that has little more purpose that pure unadulterated fun! So we were extremely excited to get our hands on the new Parrot Minidrones to see if they can plunge toys into the era of connectivity.

The Parrot Minidrones are a set of 13 drones separated into three clans built for land, air or the sea. The ultra-technological miniature robots are controlled and piloted with a smartphone or a tablet via the free piloting App FreeFlight 3.

Simply download the app, connect your Bluetooth enabled drone and let the fun commence. All the robots have in built cameras so you record your sessions which will be stored in the Minidrones memory card.

The first of the three clans is the Jumping Minidrone. These miniature bots are made to race. They can reach up to a speed of 8mph, which might not sound much on paper, but take it from us, that’s plenty enough for a robot this size!

The Jumping drones are named so as they have the ability to jump over obstacles up to 2.5ft high while racing along. There are two types of Jumping robots: The Jumping Night, which reaches a speed of 4mph and has an LED light built in for night vision; and the Jumping Race, which is quicker at 8mph. Both Jumping robots have a 20 minute battery-life.

Airborne Minidrones are made to fly! You’ll get 9 minutes flight time out of the very stable drone which possesses a vertical camera so you can get some pretty amazing shots of the scenery below.

There’s also an automatic ‘throw function’ which means you can throw the Airborne Minidrone in the air at it will automatically kick into flight mode rather than fall to the ground. That’s not the only move though, you can also perform some acrobatics and flip the Airborne in mid-air. Take it from us, it’s pretty exhilarating in the flesh!

Again there are two types of Airborne robots, both of which can reach speeds of up to 11mph in the air: The Cargo which can carry weights on around 30g; and the Night which has built in LEDs.

But if you have a rather large pond in your garden that needs filling, grab yourself a Hydrofoil Minidron! The catamaran designed bot can reach speeds of up to 5.4 knots on the water, and rather cooly can even be taken off the catamaran and fly in the air at 11mph, just like the Airborne!

All Minidrones are built for fast charging, which is necessary as the battery-life isn’t too long. The Minidrones will be released this August and range from £79.99 for the Airborne Cargo to £159.99 for the speedy Jumping drones. Whichever you get, they’re incredibly fun and would make a great present for any Joe young or old. Check out the Parrot Minidrones Website for more specs and prices!



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