Every working Joe on the planet knows the feeling of waking up to a bleating alarm. While they do the job, they’re also extremely easy to ignore thanks to the ‘snooze’ button. Well, the Pavlok Shock Clock isn’t like other alarm clocks you’ve tried and uses an electric shock to make sure you’re up, ready and raring to beat the day.

Pavlok Shock Clock

While other alarms essentially rely on annoying you until you give up and get out of bed – the Pavlok Shock Clock wrist-wearable device is the first that uses tested sensory inputs to wake you up. Unlike the dreaded ‘snooze’ button, the idea is that you’ll start your day far more alert and will therefore increase productivity.

While this all may sound very dark, the electric shock on the alarm will only come into play if you ignore the vibration and then the bleep that will come before it. The idea is that your brain will be conditioned to knowing that a zap is coming when the wearable starts to vibrate and you’ll therefore wake up when the gentle vibrations hit. Sounds pleasant even!

Pavlok Shock Clock 3
The Shock Clock wearable is paired with an accompanying app for your smartphone which enables you to set multiple alarms if you wish. It’s certainly an interested idea and could be useful to Joes who really do struggle in the morning. We’re just not sure we’ll ever be ready to willingly give ourselves a minor electric shock in the name of efficiency!

The Pavlok Shock Clock is being sold on Indiegogo where its already smashed through its token target of $1,000. It’s already production read and you can get hold of one for £55 ($79) plus shipping with deliveries expected in September this year. Head over to the Shock Clock Indiegogo Page for more details.

Pavlok Shock Clock 2



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