Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 Smartwatches

Last year, Californian-based tech outfit Pebble announced the second smartwatch on their books with the Pebble Time. Much like their first smartwatch, the Time smashed records on Kickstarter and was suitably dubbed ‘the Apple Watch’s main rival.’ Well, Pebble are back with two new smartwatches, the Pebble 2 and the Pebble Time 2, both of which look/sound every bit as good as their predecessors.

The announcement of new Pebbles hardly comes as a surprise to those who’ve been paying attention – only a few weeks ago, Pebble suddenly slashed prices on their original Pebble (which is now amazingly 5 years old) and the first Time smartwatch.

True to market trends, Pebble will be bringing a more fitness feel to the two new smartwatches. Features such as a built in optical heart rate monitor have been added, along with a sleep tracker and step counter thanks to the built-in accelerometer.

Pebble 2 Smartwatch
As before, the two watches don’t differ too much in functionality. Both the Time 2 and the Pebble 2 are as iOS and Android friendly as before and they both still offer the same phone, text and notification support. You’ll also still have access to all of the existing Pebble apps and watch faces.

The main differences, as before, come in appearance. The new Pebble 2 is going to be available in five different sportier looks with Black, White, Aqua, Flame and Lime colourways available. The colourless displayed smartwatch is also a bit lighter and slimmer than the Classic, weighing in at 31.7g with a thickness of a slim 9.8mm.

Pebble Time 2 Smartwatch 1
The Pebble Time 2 is larger than the standard Pebble 2 – 53% to be exact – and comes with a colour display as well as 3 days longer battery; 10 days as opposed to the Pebble 2’s 7 days. More suited to the workplace, the Time 2 comes is sleek Black, Gold or Silver versions, and unlike the Pebble 2, the Time 2 does also comes with GPS and Wi-Fi support.

Other changes on the smartwatches include a water resistance watering down from 50m to 30m metres, but as already mentioned you’ll still get the genuinely impressive week long battery life – a feat which easily wipes the floor with the Apple Watch. Charging also isn’t changing with the standard Pebble USB cable remaining, along with the smartwatches’ built-in microphone for quick voice replies and notes.

The Pebble 2 and the Time 2 smartwatches are once again both being sold on Kickstarter where they’ve already smashed their targets only one day in. Shipping is expected in September this year with the Pebble 2 setting you back around £68 ($99) and the Pebble Time 2 around £122 ($179). Head over to the Pebble Kickstarter Website for more specs.

Pebble Time 2 Smartwatch