Pebble E-paper Digital Watch


Now, if you are into your geekery and gadgets you MUST have heard of this little gem, and if not, well you have probably been asleep. Welcome the Pebble E-paper Digital Watch.

Beginning life on Kickstarter, it has already broken all of their start-up records. Amassing over $6.5 million, with 22 days still left on the countdown clock! And after we purchased a couple for ourselves, we had no option but to write about it!

Now, we have all got excited at digital watches in the past (remember that Casio in the 80’s??), no seriously, we have all seen them come and go, but it seems everyone thinks the Pebble is one to ‘watch’.

Working out of the box on iOS and Android with the connection via Bluetooth, the display is e-paper (kindle) style but this simple screen is one of our loves. Notifications are via a silent vibration and notifications. The screen / face is completely customisable, from a standard digital / analogue clock faces, all the way through to app support. It will support GPS from your smartphone, so you will be able to use it as an interface for running, cycling, or even as a GPS aid for golf.

Where the Pebble E-Paper could really get interesting is for developers. There will be a developer kit available from the off, with a variety of uses and functions. There is bound to be an influx of different watch face designs to get us started, but we don’t expect it to stop there.

Let’s remember that many people have claimed to have invented a watch which is basically a smartphone, and none have quite lasted the course. Let’s hope that with their previous success and credentials, the Pebble E-paper Digital Watch will be as good as we all hope.

For more information, head over the Pebble Kickstarter page or check out the pictures / video below.