This Robot Sidekick Responds Entirely Through Videos & GIFs

One glance on Twitter and you’ll know the internet is ruled by videos and GIFs. The old saying of a “picture can say a thousand words” couldn’t be more apt when using instant messaging, with GIFs expressing emotions and reactions better than daily vocabulary ever could. Which is why the Peeqo robot could be your new favourite companion.

Peeqo is a small personal robot that responds entirely through GIFs and videos. Truly one of a kind, it’s designed with one simple thing in mind – to provide little moments of joy and entertainment that’ll get you through your working day.

Standing at just under 7 inches tall, if you speak to Peeqo, the device uses voice recognition to scour the internet and use sites like Giphy, Guggy, Vlipsy to get you the latest responses. The makers also claim that you’ll never get the same response to the same question. Take a look at the video below to see Peeqo in action…

Peeqo will work with Google Cloud Speech, Amazon Voice Services, Snips and open source alternatives like Jasper, Mycroft. An in-house voice service is also being developed but if you choose you use this, there will be a fixed monthly charge which will be entirely opt-in.

From a practical point of view, there’s a couple of things you should bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll need to plug Peeqo directly into the wall, but more importantly, you’ll also have to build him yourself. The makers say it comes with an ‘easy to assemble DIY kit suitable for people of all ages and skill levels’ and no special tools are required.

But if a little construction doesn’t put you off, the Peeqo is available now over at Kickstarter, where the meme robot will set you back around £131 for Peeqo without a Raspberry Pi computer, or £146 with a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Deliveries are expected in September 2019.


In other robot news, a small forklift-style robot that will park your car is set to be trialled at Gatwick Airport in August this year.