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Philips Biosphere Home Farming

Philips Biosphere Home Farming

This could be dubbed the ultimate recycle bin, but I really don’t think your council will be sending you one anytime soon. The Biosphere Home Farming unit houses fish, vegetables, grasses, plants and algae all in a single product. Using your kitchen waste as fuel / food the ‘farm’ generates water, food and cooking gas.

“Biosphere home farming concept generates food and cooking gas, while filtering water. The concept supplements a families nutritional needs by generating several hundred calories a day in the form of fish, root vegetables, grasses, plants and algae. Unlike conventional hydroponic nurseries this system incorporates a methane digester than produces heat and gas to power lights, similarly algae produces hydrogen and the root plants produces oxygen, which is fed back to fish. CO2 is pumped into the plants. It is a closed loop interdependent system. The system uses waste water and non-consumable household matter and delivers food in return.”

Weirdly I actually think it looks kinda cool too!



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