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Philips Hue Wireless Lighting

Meet your new friend in romantic lighting, Tony Stark style, the Philips Hue. In the last few years Philips has been leading the way with innovative lighting solutions, although many concepts, many have made it into the home of millions.

Philips Hue Wireless Lighting changes things up a little more, using your beloved iOS device (and Android next month) you can now wirelessly control your lighting. Not only can you dim (in 4 shades), you can also choose pretty much any colour under the sun.

After picking up one of the starter kits (3 bulbs and a gateway), you screw in the bulbs, plug in a gateway into your wireless router and open the app on your chosen device and if you don’t have a capable device, you can use the website in the meantime! Now the app is where it gets cool, have a picture you want to replicate the colours from? You can select that photo within the app, and choose an exact point within that photo to sample the colour and watch your room transform!

The bulbs themselves look rather standard but are far from it, each one includes a wireless transmitter and a total of 11 LEDs which is where the magic happens. Worried they are going to be expensive, well let’s be honest, they aren’t cheap ($60 each) but each bulb uses just 8.5 watts (trust us, that’s not alot!) and Philips state they are good for some 15, 000 hours of use, or 15 years.

In a bid to take the technology even further, Philips are also releasing the API to app developers so the possibilities could be endless! Philips Hue Wireless Lighting is available exclusively through Apple only at the moment, instore or online. The starter kit will set you back $200 which includes three bulbs and the the wireless gateway, and if you want an additional bulb, or replacement, that will set you back another $60 (the gateway can control up to 50 seperate bulbs).

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