Multiroom speaker set-ups seem to be one of the first things any self-respecting modern Joe sorts when he’s sorting a new abode. While we love them, they can often be a big headache to get connected and they can come with an even bigger price tag. Which is why we like the look of the Philips izzy Wireless Multiroom Speaker!

Philips izzy Wireless Multiroom Speaker

Like basically any other speaker around these days, the Philips izzy Wireless Multiroom Speaker plays music wirelessly via Bluetooth but with a simple tap of a button, up to 5 izzy speakers play music in every room at the same time effortlessly. Easy setup, no router, password or apps and it won’t break the bank either.

The ease of the izzy is the real selling point. With literally a tap of button, up to five izzy speakers dotted around the house will be synced. Just long press the Group button on two speakers to set up for the first time, then repeat to add a 3rd, 4th or 5th speaker. Each long press of the Group button adds one new speaker at a time. Once complete, Philips’ ‘izzylink’ network will be stored even when the speaker is unplugged.

In each izzylink group, any individual speaker can be the master, streaming music to the others. So when Joes want to take the lead to share their own music, all they need to do is press the Bluetooth button on the speaker nearest to you and share that music from your device instantly. Other speakers in the same izzylink group will follow suits.

As it runs through your standard Bluetooth technology, each Philips izzy Speaker lets you stream from all the big hitters streaming libraries out there from your phone, tablet or computer, no matter which music or radio app you use.

Joes can get hold of one of Philips’ izzy wireless multiroom speakers from various places including the Amazon Website where prices are around the £100 mark, which we think is very reasonable! Check out the Philips Website for more details and specs.




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