Brew Spirits with the PicoStill Distillery

If you’ve ever tried brewing your own beer at home, you’ll know just how difficult getting consistency is. But if you’ve mastered the art of the craft or fancy trying something new entirely, homebrewing kings PicoBrew have just announced their latest appliance, the PicoStill; a first-of-its-kind, distilling attachment.

Based out of Seattle, PicoBrew is the brainchild of brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell, who five years ago grew frustrated with homebrewing – we know the feeling. So they decided to create an entirely new beer-brewing process. The result was the award-winning Zymatic, a machine which improved the precision, repeatability, and overall quality of the beer-brewing experience.

Having perfected beer, Pico are moving on to more complex brews, namely spirits. The PicoStill is a gorgeous accessory topped with a sleek copper distilling coil and clear glass infusion chamber that fits over Pico’s C Keg and can be used to distil a wide range of craft spirits, including vodka, whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, gin, brandies, schnapps and more.

PicoStill Home Brewing Distillery 4

Compatible with the Zymatic, as well as all the other Pico appliances, it’s also perfect for making hop oils. Typically used by commercial breweries to quickly infuse beers with distinct hops aromas and flavours, it’s often referred to as ‘dry hopping’ and can real add some character to your beer.

PicoStill features a large infusion chamber which is crucial for essential oil extraction, but is also extremely useful when designing flavoured spirits. This level of precision and safety in distilling has never been available at home before, and could be a real game changer when it comes to small batch distilling.

The PicoBrew PicoStill is available over on Kickstarter for around £135 ($170). Deliveries are expected in September. Head over to the PicoBrew Website for more details on the PicoStill and all PicoBrew’s other products.

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