While most of us use the camera on our iPhone on a daily basis, there’s a strong chance the majority won’t know their camera’s true powers and capabilities. Well, a new iPhone case accessory called Pictar is out to change all that by converting an iPhone into something that resembles a classic camera!

Pictar iPhone Camera Grip

The Pictar comes complete with dials and buttons, and while we’ve seen similar inventions before, the Pictar (and its companion app) combine the physical controls with all sorts of digitalised options to give you something that truly feels like your own DSLR.

While the Pictar isn’t adding any image quality – it’s only using what’s already there – it does make things easier to navigate. It has five physical programmable buttons and wheels, as well as a default shutter button. It also lets you adjust ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and flash – all within manual mode. The lens portion of the iPhone is exposed too, so if you’ve already got some iPhone lens accessories, they won’t be going to waste.

Pictar iPhone Camera Grip 4
As anyone who loves to ‘slam a Gram’ will know, one of the main problem with taking photos with the iPhone is the lack of grip and control you have. While Instagram can do a decent job of smarting things up, if nothing else the Pictar make things nice and steady as there’s something substantial to hold onto. You can even attach it to a standard tripod.

But the really interesting thing about the Pictar is how it communicates with your iPhone. Rather than using Bluetooth or Wifi, makers Miggo have used a patented high-frequency dual tone system that talks to the smartphone via sound that’s not audible to human ears. The idea is that is saves on battery and as such, a single AA battery can last up to six months.

Pictar iPhone Camera Grip 1
Compatible with iPhones 4 to 6S (but not the 6/6S Plus), the design itself is clearly inspired by the likes of classic retro Fujifilm cameras, which we’re a fan of. It comes with everything you’re likely to need on a journey including a wrist strap, carrying pouch and, of course, the accompanying app.

The Pictar iPhone camera grip is being funded on Kickstarter where it’s already beaten its target with over a month to go. Joes can get hold of one for around £63 ($90) with deliveries expected in November – a hell of a lot cheaper that a Nixon! Head over to the Pictar Kickstarter Website for more details.

Pictar iPhone Camera Grip 3



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