While we love our tablets here at Joes, it’s fair to say we don’t make the most of them. Usually only used for reactional purposes at home, Pixo are looking to change that with a small mount designed to increase your desktop screen area by using your tablet as a second display.

Pixo Desktop Tablet Mount

The Pixo tablet mount is designed to help you maximise your space while working. Pixo lets you easily attach your tablet to your primary desktop computer, meaning you can close some of those tabs and multi-task far more easily.

The product has been specifically designed to be compatible with many different brands of tablets and computers, which means it should work no problem with nearly all tablets ranging from 7.9” to 12.9” in size. And yes, that does mean iPads and iPad Pros are covered, as are most monitors/screens desktops on the market.

Pixo Tablet Mount 4
The Pixo mount works by a mix of magnets and good old friction. Strong neodymium magnets are covered in rubber to get a good grip on to your monitor and tablet, and also to avoid scratching them in any way.

Strong magnets concealed in the mount attract the metallic stickers which are provided with the mount. Place two metallic stickers on your desktop monitor, one at the front and one at the back, then place the last sticker on the back of your tablet. Sounds a lot in print, but it couldn’t be easier!

Pixo Tablet Mount 2
While Pixo would allow you to simply use your tablet for streaming and browsing, if you know what you’re doing, you could easily sync your screens using third-part apps such as Duet Display, Air Display, or iDisplay.

While it might not revolutionise your life, we think Pixo could be a very useful little toy if you spend what feel like an eternity at your desk. It’s being sold on Kickstarter where you can get one for as little as £25. Deliveries for Pixo are expected in November this year.

Pixo Tablet Mount 3



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