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The Pizza ATM Might Be Our New Favourite Invention

While the perks of going into your local takeaway for a Meat Feast are obvious, wouldn’t life be so much easier with a pizza touchscreen in a hole in the wall? Well, if your share our dream of a better life – you’re in luck! Take a look at these incredible ‘Pizza ATM’s by Paline.

Brought to you by the amazing folks at French company Paline, the ‘Pizza ATM’ is a 24/7 fully automated pizza vending machine that preserves, cooks, and then dispenses fresh delicious pizzas in just 3 minutes to its adoring crowds.

The Pizza ATMs have started to roll out already with Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio the first to trial the incredible invention at the back end of last year. And after an overwhelmingly successful launch, the doughy dispenser is going to be rolled out across the US and Canada throughout 2017.

Pizza ATM 3
The ATMs work by the bases of the pizzas being premade and prebaked before having their toppings added. The pizzas are then put in their boxes and placed in the cold storage unit of the ATM, which can hold up to 70 12-inch pizzas at once.

Pizza ATM 4
From there, customers can select what kind of pizza they want using the machine’s touchscreen. The Pizza ATM then slides the option in the oven, cuts it into slices, places the pizza into the cardboard box and ejects the meal. Genius.

The Paline Pizza ATM will start rolling out more machines around the US and Canada this January with each pizza costing around $9 to $10, with the ATM accepting credit or debit cards, as well as a student cards. We’re just begging Paline to make their way over Channel…

Pizza ATM 2



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