You can keep Zelda and your Call of Duty, for us PONG is still the greatest video game ever created. So we defy any Joe worth his salt not be put this mechanical PONG coffee table right at the top of his ‘want list’. Yes, a playable, real life homage to one of the first video games, disguised into a multi-functional coffee table.

Play PONG Live On Your Coffee Table

What more could you want? Taking Atari’s all time classic from digital to physical, the Table PONG Project brings the purest gaming experience to the table. Loaded with retro sounds, bouncing lights and maintaining the same mechanics true to the original gameplay, this is the ultimate tribute to one of the most iconic games ever created.

Thanks to electronics, magnetic fields and an official license from Atari, you can play PONG with the same look and feel as feel as the original, complete with authentic paddles and arcade like buttons. There’s also some extra gameplay tweaks on the PONG coffee table too, including the chance of hitting curves when the buttons are pressed with good timing, and mods that affect the other players pad movement (such as Freeze, Drunk and Reverse).

Pong Project Coffee Table 3

While this table is for gaming – and we’re calling no drinks on it – it does also function as a great centrepiece to your room. Not only does it come with a classic digital clock displayed on its top, it also comes with USB ports mounted on the rack and the possibility of streaming music via Bluetooth. Not only that, you also have the option to make your table coin-op ready!

The PONG Coffee Table is being funded over at Kickstarter where it’s unsurprisingly reached its target of $250,000. You can get hold of one for around £800 ($990) but you’ll need to be quick – there’s only two days of funded left! With deliveries expected in December, head over to the Kickstarter Website now to get backing.

Pong Project Coffee Table 2



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