The much talked about Hyperloop has just got one step closer to reality with the unveiling of a full-scale Hyperloop passenger capsule from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). Designed by Priestmangoode, the capsule has been built using the newly developed material Vibranium (not the Marvel one) and can reach speeds of 700mph.

The Hyperloop Has Its First Capsule Prototype and It's Lovely

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Hyperloop comprises of a sealed tube where pods ‘skate’ free of air resistance or friction and thus can reach incredibly high speeds while still being very efficient. Essentially, it’s the fastest train-line ever created. Full-scale pods have been tested and some are said to reach speeds of up to 760mph.

Hyperloop lines have so far been proposed to link the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and central European cities like Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Some of tech’s biggest names are involved in the tech, with the likes of Elon Musk even getting the green light to dig an underground Hyperloop tunnel between Washington DC and New York City.


Industrial design studio Priestmangoode has designed the capsule for HTT and, unsurprisingly, it’s incredibly futuristic and incredibly lovely to look at. Called ‘Quintero One’, it was constructed by technological firm Airtificial and it was unveiled at an event in Spain to celebrate HTT’s fifth anniversary.

The capsule is 32 metres-long in total and will be able to accommodate up to 40 passengers. HTT say it can be electromagnetically propelled through a semi-vacuum tube, reaching speeds of up to 700 mph. The capsule is made from HTT’s trademarked Vibranium material – a specially engineered dual-layer smart composite which they say is ten times stronger than steel, as well as being around five times lighter.

The Priestmangoode Hyperloop capsule prototype will now be tested more in France before being ready for passengers as soon as 2019.




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