With the iPhone now the most used camera on the planet, it’s time we started talking them more seriously and showed them some love. And one such way you can do so is by pairing it up with the Prynt Case. Similar to a retro Polaroid camera, the Prynt takes attaches to your iPhone and prints photos in an instant.

Prynt Instant Photo iPhone Case

The Prynt instant photo iPhone case comes with a built-in grip, a dedicated shutter button to the phone, and most importantly, a built-in Zink printer. That means you can print off any photo you take, right where you are.

The accompanying app has all the bells and whistles you’d want too with graphics, texts and filters all available. You can also bring your photos to life by holding your phone over the photo when it’s printed to replay the moment you took it.

Prynt Instant Photo iPhone Case 2
The Prynt Case was designed for essentially everyone. It comes with an interchangeable adapter system which means you can use Prynt with a whole host of smartphones, including: iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Prynt uses ZINK technology to print its photos, which means you’ll get vibrant and long-lasting images which are also tear and smudge resistant. You can also order refills anytime straight through the Prynt app and they’ll get sent right away.

The Prynt instant photo iPhone case is available now over at the Prynt Website where you can get one in either White, Black or Turquoise for around £110 (€129.99). It also includes a 10-pack of photo paper, with an extra pack of 40 costing around £16 (€19.99).

Prynt Instant Photo iPhone Case 3
Prynt Instant Photo iPhone Case 4



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