There’s a fine line between expensive and gaudy. But when you can’t afford buy said items anyway, it’s a distinction you thankfully don’t have to make. One such item looking to balance that fine line is Brikk’s premium version of a Sony DualShock 4 Controller which is gold-plated and comes with diamonds encrusted on the buttons.

Take a Look at this Gold-Plated & Diamond-Encrusted PS4 Controller

American company Brikk aren’t shy about the lavishness of their creations. As they put it; ‘There are those who are merely rich, and then there are those who are fabulously wealthy.’ So a PS4 controller with gold and diamonds that’s worth £11,000 does amazingly fit right into their line-up.

Available in Classic and Deluxe versions, both PS4 controllers are coated in 24-karat yellow gold, protected by a triple layer of clear veneer and feature a PlayStation button made from solid 18-karat gold and seven embedded diamonds totalling 0.25 carats.


That would usually be enough for most companies but Brikk go even further on the Deluxe iteration with the four directional buttons and the triangle, circle, x and square buttons also crafted of 18-karat gold and studded with genuine conflict-free diamonds, so they can take a battering when you’re losing on FIFA.


Additionally, Brikk also offer full customisation with a variety of bespoke options to choose from. We’re talking the likes of platinum plating, titanium buttons, ruby embellishment and gaming-focused upgrades. Once you’ve decided on your bling, each Brikk PS4 controller is delivered in a custom scarlet linen-lined aluminium case with a carbon fibre and foam insert. Just because.

While Brikk’s Deluxe Version of the Sony PlayStation 4 Lux DualShock 4 Controller is priced at around £11,000 ($13,995), you can get the Classic version from a fraction of the price – a mere £6,700 ($8,495). Find out more here.


In other PlayStation news, Sony has just announced the 20 pre-loaded games which will feature on the retro PlayStation Classic to be released in December.



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