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Pugz Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to earphones, the trends seem very much geared to wireless technology. But there is an issue that comes with it; wireless earphones need charging and nobody wants to cut off their glorious listening time. But there is a solution in Pugz!

Pugz wireless earbuds are the world’s smallest wireless earbuds and they can also be charged through your phone. Which mean you can listen and charge all at the same time! Pugz achieve this through their patented self-guiding magnetic connector which they snappily call, ‘The Squircle’.

The Squircle might sound complicated but it’s simply a panel half way up the wire which connects you two earphones. Just place the charging plate on it and charge away! Pugz can be charged a practically any device you can think of such as your computer (USB), Android (uUSB) or iPhone (Lightning).

Now some of you may hate the idea of wasting precious phone battery on charging some earphones. But fear not! By using just 3% of your smart phone battery, Pugz will give you 4 and ½ hours of music and 10 days of standby.

The earphones are lightweight and aren’t too divisive in design either. The minimal shape creates the perfect fit and lets you walk around tangle free. While it may be minimal, you can still adjust volume, Play/Pause/Skip tracks, start/end calls and even activate Siri or Google voice command.

With all these features, you might think the sound suffers, but Pugz are powerful speakers which delivers a solid deep bass, crisp highs, natural mid-levels and have minimal harmonic distortion.

Pugz earbuds are being funded on Kickstarter and with over 20 days to go, they’ve already smashed through their initial target, so Joes are clearly liking what they’re seeing. You can get hold of a pair in White, Red, Pink or Black for a heavily discounted $119 (around £80) with free November shipping worldwide!




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