With the rain starting to settle in around the UK, it might be worth investing in a new umbrella. But then where to put said brolly? We reckon the Raincheck umbrella stand might be as good an option as any!

Raincheck Umbrella Stand

Handcrafted from walnut wood, the Raincheck is an umbrella stand that is wifi connected so it can double-up as a weather indicator.

The Raincheck features 8 coloured LED lights on the side to indicate the weather conditions through your day. Each light equates to an hour in the day. I.E. the light nearest to the top of the stand indicates the weather now and the bottom light indicates the expected weather in 8 hours time.

The lights are also all colour co-ordinated. A steady Blue light indicates clear weather so you can leave your umbrella at home; a flashing Blue light indicates rain/expected rain so bring your brolly; a blinking White light indicates snow; and a flashing Red light indicates extreme conditions so probably best to stay at home!

All you’ll need to do is download the free Raincheck iOS or Android app, and it will walk you through a quick and easy setup process that involves connecting Raincheck to your WiFi. The Raincheck will then update the lights every 15 minutes with ‘incredibly accurate weather information.’

The stand itself is also a beautifully made thing. Handcrafted in New York from hand selected slabs of solid Black Walnut, we think it would seamlessly fit in any contemporary home or office space.

The Raincheck might not be the most exciting of gadgets but it’s undeniably cool, well designed and also very practical if you live in the UK where the weather turns at the drop of a coin. The Raincheck will set Joes back around £160 from the Raincheck Kickstarter Website. The only major issue is you won’t get your delivery until May next year!




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