Sonos has dominated the multi-room UK market recently with a practical and high-quality range of speakers full of diversity. But now it might have some seriously stiff competition in German audio heavyweight Raumfeld.

Raumfeld Multi-Room Speakers

Raumfeld have been players in German-speaking countries for years, but now they’re getting their game-faces on and are focused on conquering Europe and then the US, but thankfully for us are starting with a particular eye on the UK market.

The range is extensive to say the least with something for everyone – a notion Raumfeld Manger of Product Marketing, Clemens Rumpf, was keen to emphasise: “Whether it‘s for a family with different musical preferences or for playing tunes throughout the home for a party, our systems provide quality audio that’s only a finger tap away.”

The range includes the newly launched One S, which is humidity resistant and can run off 110v or 220v plug sockets. It has actually been designed in mind for the bathroom or kitchen and the sound has been specially tweaked for those hard and unforgiving tiled surfaces. For their size, they sound incredibly impressive, particularly if you pair two of them as a stereo pair. The Raumfeld One S is without going to be the UK bestseller to start and for most the first foray into the Multi-Room speakers.

The One M is Raumfeld’s equivalent to Sonos Play 5 and offers similarly bold sounds from a similarly sized box. Instead of pairing-up some One S, maybe just get yourself the Stereo Cube which is a pair of cube-shaped stereo speakers.


The rather striking Stereo M resembles a pair of bookshelf speakers. But not just any bookshelf speakers. They cost £700 for the pair, which isn’t cheap, but they’ll completely transform any contemporary living space with sound from any device.

Rather interestingly Raumfeld will also be releasing their Connector DAC which let’s you stream to or from your own hi-fi. Where Sonos prices its equivelent system at an off-putting £279, Raumfeld dramatically undercut the giants with the Connector coming in at just £149. We think we’ve got ourselves some healthy competition.


Raumfeld multi-room allows you to set ‘listening zones’ as you would expect. Different rooms can be set as distinct listening zones and then centrally controlled via an iOS or Android mobile device with the free Raumfeld App which is currently free on iOS and Android. You can play different music in each and every room whether it be from a host of streaming apps (including Spotify), your iPod or your PC.

Aesthetically we think the Raumfeld range looks excellent with a clean and pure look that should suit any looked-after modern house. They’re deliberately subtle and reek of German efficiency. In a very good way. Most of the range are available in white or matte black, but the white really does stand out for us.


Whilst direct comparisons to the likes of Sonos will be made, there are clear differences in quality here. Sonos may have opened up the world market in recent years, but having chatted to the Raumfeld team they really are planning to sweep in and offer that next level. Both in sophistication and sound. The Raumfeld collection is undoubtedly for the Apple generation who like their technology high in quality and minimalist in design. We think that might just be us. Whether you can be swayed to part with your Sonos is a different matter. Either way, the competition can only be positive for the average Joe.

Prices vary with the One S, One M and Stereo Cube costing you around £200, £350 and £400 – not too dissimilar in price to products already on the market. The full range goes on sale on the 1st March so keep a look out and watch out for our review soon.




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