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Razer Edge Gaming Tablet

The brand Razer is associated with gamers around the world, they have been producing world class gaming equipment for years and even I have had a fair few of their mice controlling my SAS operative in Counter Strike. But a new dawn is upon us, and hand held gaming just took a huge leap forward. Say hello to the all new Razer Edge Gaming Tablet.

Under the hood, it’s no typical tablet. 3rd gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce Series graphics, 8 gigs or RAM and an SSD means the 10.1 inch, 1,366 x 768 multi-touch HD display will be running with more power than many of the laptops you are likely to find today.


Based and built on Windows 8, The Razer Edge gives you the portability of a tablet, with the power and performance of a high end ultrabook. Coupled with either a 128 or 256 GB Solid State Drive and 8 GB of DDR RAM, this isn’t just a gaming tablet. Flip it into the keyboard housing and and your gaming tablet just turned into one of the quickest fully functional netbooks the world has ever seen.

Battery life isn’t great as you would expect, whilst gaming you are going to be hitting 1 – 2 hours maximum, but if you are just in Windows 8, that should improve and head towards the 6 hour mark. As well as the standard ‘tablet’ there are also add-ons galore with a docking station (including three USB ports, ,HDMI and audio port), a gaming controller housing and the keyboard station.

All of these extras come at a price though. The Razer Edge Gaming Tablet alone is going to set you back a princely sum of $1,299.99, the gamepad controller is another $249.99, standard docking station $99 and the keyboard dock is $199. That’s a hell of alot of money to part with for a 10.1 inch screen, but hell, grab our chequebook!

No word on UK release yet, but you can view more details and register your interest at

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