Write and Sketch With the reMarkable ‘Paper’ Tablet

While we all love to have a play with one, we’re not sure that computer tablets have found their true calling just yet. But that may be about to change with the invention of the reMarkable, which claims to be here to ‘replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts.’

The reMarkable tablet is inspired by – believe it or not – the wonders of paper. As reMarkable suggest, ‘pen and paper are our simplest yet most powerful tools of creation,’ mainly thanks to the immediate and tactile response you get from it. In the digital world it’s difficult to replicate that experience, but reMarkable think they may have just cracked it.

Billing itself as ‘digital paper’, the reMarkable tablet offers paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers. Attention to the subtlest details and nuances of the handwriting experience has made reMarkable as paper-like as it gets with a ‘CANVAS’ display which gives you a true paper feel.

reMarkable Paper Tablet 2
By combining cutting edge E Ink Carta technology with ultra-thin high-friction surface materials, not only does it look like paper, it also feels like paper with just the right friction. The CANVAS display actually transfers physical ink particles to the surface when you write too.

The Marker ‘pen’ which is used ‘write’ supports over 2048 levels of pressure detection. That means sketching is made possible too. As well as featuring a variety of brushes, it’s perfect to work with as it offers tools like undo, erase, and zoom.

The reMarkable comes with 100,000 ‘pages’, days’ worth of battery per charge, and an optimised reading experience even when the sun’s out. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in – as well as the reMarkable app available for all devices – all your notes and sketches will always be organised and instantly available.

reMarkable Paper Tablet 3
The functions for such a technology are clearly numerous. The paper-like display provides a perfect reading experience, while the writing application could make notebooks a thing of the past. Of course, you can also instantly transfer documents, PDFs, textbooks and e-books wirelessly with ease.

If you like the idea of the reMarkable as much as we do, head over to the reMarkable Website now where you can pre-order one for around the £300 mark – half the price it will be when it goes to retail. Shipping is expected in August 2017.

reMarkable Paper Tablet 4