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Real world 'HULC' in testing
Hulc Exoskeleton 1

Hulc Exoskeleton 1

The HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) is to go through final testing in the US this year. The robotic exoskeleton provides support to humans to make it easier to run, walk and carry heavy weights.

In it’s current form, the carrier allows soldiers to carry up to 200lbs (91kg) of kit using its titanium legs and structure as well as an onboard computer to sense the user’s movements.

The HULC exoskeleton it’s self weighs 24kg, however it’s producers say it’s weight is also held by the structure, making it almost un-noticeable to users. It could appear in US military scenarios as early as 2011, so expect to be able to buy your dad one in 2012!

HULC Exoskeleton

HULC Exoskeleton



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