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Recon and Empire Smart Paintball Mask

If you’re into your technology, you’ll know last week CES was held in Las Vegas. The annual convention sees the brightest and best brands in the tech world congregate to show off their inventions and intentions for the new year.

One product that caught our eye which firmly fits in the ‘awesomely cool’ category was the Recon Instruments and Empire Paintball EVS mask, the world’s first smart paintball mask.

Now while we know very little about paintballing – barring basics we’ve picked up at remote shady locations whilst on stag dos – we do know the EVS mask is the first of its kind in the paintball world.

The Empire EVS combines a cutting-edge paintball mask design with an integrated Recon Snow2 heads-up display, enabling the delivery of critical, real-time information like ammunition counts, field maps and teammate locations on a display positioned just below the wearer’s right eye. As we said – awesomely cool!

Recon Empire Paintball Smart Mask 3
We’ve written about Recon before when they announced the cyclist-friendly Jet. The EVS comes with a Recon Snow2 heads-up display which, like the Jet, is said to be unobtrusive yet effortlessly accessible. It comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. Naturally.

First and foremost, though, this is a paintball mask and therefore needs to work as one. As such, the Empire EVS features a state-of-the-art, ASTM-approved mask design with a dual-pane lens system that’s both scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. It also blocks 100% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation and prevents internal fogging.

This is obviously for serious players with high end technology that offers instant access to gadgets most stags can only dream of. But if you are a keen paintballers, the EVS offers a degree of situational awareness and squad effectiveness previously only possible on Call of Duty.

There’s no word on price yet but you can safely assume it’s not cheap. It’s an interesting move from Recon, who are now under the ownership of Intel. The possibilities for their technology seems endless and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next. Keep an eye on the Recon Website for more details.

Recon Empire Paintball Smart Mask 1
Feature Image Source: Engadget.



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