Reflex Launches First Manual SLR for 25 Years

For amateurs and pros alike, the digital SLR camera is an essential piece of kit. Whether you’re travelling abroad or need something for your family’s big day, a DSLR is the most popular camera around thanks to its user-friendliness and versatility. But it’s fair to say its origins have been forgotten.

Well, a photography brand called Reflex is re-imagining the classic SLR 35mm film camera. Created by an expert team of photographers, designers, and technologists, the Reflex I camera is the first update on the manual SLR system in over 25 years.

The Reflex I manual SLR camera combines contemporary engineering with the classic design and function of an analogue camera. So why analogue? The idea stems from the belief that analogue photography is timeless and, despite the ubiquity of digital technology, there is something pure about analogue – whether it’s used in music or photography.


Designed from the ground up, the Reflex I camera has three photography ‘firsts’ for a manual SLR camera – The I-Plate, I-Back and Reflex App; The I-Plate is an interchangeable lens-mount plate which allows for adaptation of most manual legacy lenses; while the I-Back is an interchangeable back which allows the choice of having multiple film backs ready and loaded at one time.

But the Reflex App is where this classic format really gets its update. When connected to the Reflex App via Bluetooth, the new analogue SLR camera’s setting will be automatically recorded so photographers can easily revert back to preferred settings for later shots.

The Reflex I manual SLR camera is being funded over at Kickstarter until 7th December. Available to early bird backers for the price of £350, the camera will be dispatched in August 2018 with the camera going on sale to the mass market shortly after.