Remote Control Gas

Remote Control Gas Although heading towards summer (we hope!), the British weather is always a little unpredictable, and you never know when you might need to turn that heating on or off in a rush. Well now it has become a whole lot easier, all with the help of a mobile app. British Gas have launched their new Remote Heating Control app, myHome, designed for customers to stay in control of their home and heating on the move and from their smartphone.

The app connects to your heating system via a wireless thermostat which then connects to both your boiler and your normal broadband router. You are able to control most aspects of your home heating, including: on and off, temperature, timer and schedule modes. You can even set up alerts so should the thermostat go above or below a certain level, you can automatically be alerted via the app or via text message.

The app itself is actually called MyHome, not Remote Control Heating (very confusing I know) and is available through both the Android and Apple marketplaces. The app itself is pretty simple, with a slider for on / off / automatic and details on when your heating is next due to start or turn off. It will also give you information such as temperature history throughout the day (allowing you to see when it is coldest and hottest), and giving you the opportunity to change your habits and become as energy efficient as possible.


The app will also use local weather forecasts to tell you what the weather and temperature is outside your home based on your postcode. If you aren’t quite into your apps and don’t have the technical know-how to be controlling your heating on your smartphone, the whole shebang can be controlled through SMS texts (such as ‘Heat On’) or through your web browser with an internet connection. In fact the web browser option will give you much more in-depth detail, such as weather and temperature history and prediction.

Cost wise, you are looking at £199 for existing customers and £229 for new customers, but I am sure a little bit of sneakyness you can talk them into a better deal. The install takes around 2 hours from British Gas engineer, and more than likely a couple of cups of your very best tea. For more information head on the British Gas Remote Control Heating or their Facebook page to win one. It may not be brain surgery, but it is the next step into our integrated digital lives and picked up Stuff’s gadget of the year for 2012. A life where we control everything through our phone, and where that phone is the very hub of our lives (if it isn’t already). We would like to see a slightly more advanced version of the app with more options and statistics, as much of it seems to be only available through the web, but if this new technology can make us more efficient and give us a chance to keep and eye on our home whilst we are not there, we are all for it.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of British Gas.