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Retro Computer Games

Going back to our retro theme, we thought we would take a look at some of the classic computer games over the past few years. Yes there are obvious ones like Mario, however we want to go a little more obscure and really look through the depths of our cupboards! Let us know what you think.

After Burner (1987)

Taking control of an F-14 Tomcat jet is every boy’s dream, and we were no different. Originally Arcade only, with such huge success, Afterburner was ported across to many platforms including all SEGA systems, the Commodore 64, Amiga and Amstrad amongst others.


Dizzy (1986)

Designed by two brits, and distributed by Codemasters, Dizzy was a true classic and one we had actually forgotten about until we stumbled upon it! Available for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum you must negotiate Dizzy through a number of levels using various items to overcome potential pitfalls. Originally 8 games make the core series however many more were made as spin offs.


International Karate + (1987)

Originally appearing on the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad this has to be the first computer games I have memories of. Hours waiting for the cassette to load for three players to be on screen (1 or 2 user controlled) fighting to the death! The winner is the first to score 6 points, and then plays against the bouncing balls (or bombs depending on platform) to get the highest score.


Golden Axe (1989)

Released in the late 80’s on the Megadrive, Golden Axe bcame an instant hit all round the world. Take control of one of the three characters, axe-wielding dwarf, Gilius Thunderhead, man mountain, Ax Battler, and the blonde Amazonian Tyris Flare to fight against Death Adders army of henchmen, skeleton warriors, and knights. You can attack using your standard weapon, or cast a spell on all enemies. After defeating the end boss Death Adder, you are then confronted by a higher level enemy, the aptly named ‘Death Bringer’ which you must defeat to complete the game.


Streets of Rage (1991)

The side scrolling beat em up was an instant hit on the Sega Megadrive. It was also converted to the Genesis, GameGear and Master System and was the first in three titles, creatively named 1, 2 and 3. Choose from 3 characters, Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding to battle through various locations which make up the 8 ’rounds’. With the final 8th round against the final boss. You can play in either 1 player, or 2 players co-operating. Though on the final round, one player does have the option to turn against his friend and side with the big boss!

You can also grab it in the Apple app store at present!!


Paper Boy (1984)

A true classic if ever there was one. Take control of the paperboy and deliver papers to the selected houses. Make your way up the street for 7 in-game levels (representing 7 days) and dodging the obstacles such as fire hydrants, cars, skateboarders and cats. Available in the Arcade and for the Atari.


Golden Eye – 007 (1997)

I lost count how many hundreds of hours friends and I wasted (well not wasted) playing mutiplayer Golden Eye on the N64. Battling through the multiplayer levels of Temple, Complex, Caves, Library, Basement, and Stack with weapons such as the rocket launcher, pistols and of the course, the one shot kill Golden Gun.

Golden Eye has actually been re-developed and was released exclusively for the Wii and Nintendo DS on the 2 November 2010. We are sure it will never live up to the original hype, but time will tell.



Outrun really was one of the first popular racers that defined todays games such at Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. Blasting your way through various roads and scenery in a drop top Ferrari Testarossa (though no license was ever granted) with your girlfriend by your side. Trying to beat the clock and your best ever times, every checkpoint you could then choose which type of scenery to drive through next. Originally released in 1986, the game was a huge hit both in the arcades and on consoles alike and probably has one of the iconic soundtracks of a 1980’s computer game.


There you have it, a selection of our favourites, most of which I am sure you can still play through a flash emulator online or on your smartphone! Disagree? Want to add your own? Comment below or hit us on on twitter.



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