Custom-made audio equipment is a trend that seems to be showing no signs of stopping going in to 2016. The main issue with it though is high end customisation is usually a lengthy and pricey process. Which is why we think you’re going to love Revols earphones!

Revols Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

Revols are the world’s first quick custom-fit earphones – not only that they’re wireless. The best bit about the Revols is the time and ease with which you’ll get your custom fit. A traditional custom-fit process on earphones will usually take up to a month, these earphones mould to the unique shape of your ears in exactly 60 seconds!

The moulding is also controlled solely by you and the use of Revols’ accompanying phone app! That means crisp and clear Bluetooth-powered audio with an unparalleled fit and comfort in just a minute.

Revols Wirelss Custom Fit Earphones 3
The custom-fit process works by the tips of the earphones, which combines a specially formulated nanocomposite, being transformed from their initial gel-like state to their permanently hardened, customised shape. All of which is activated through your phone. Easy, hey?

There’s also some cool added extra features such as the option to have your earphones hang or hook off your ear – perfect if you’re a runner! All you need to do is turn the Revols Rotating Bezel. They also comes in a range of colours including your standard Black and White, alongside more daring options like Pink, Red and a baby Blue.

You can also use the Revols for excising with the Revols Adjustable Soundscape. The mics mounted on each ear will allow you to control the amount of surrounding noise played back over your music. With this feature, not only will you hear external noise, but you’ll also know exactly which direction it’s coming from.

Revols Wirelss Custom Fit Earphones 4
The earphones are equipped with 8 hours of reliable playtime but to keep you covered on long journeys abroad, you can also add on a Revols Revive battery pack for an extra 6 hours of listening. It simply clips on the back of the earphone wire and plugs into any USB port.

The Revols quick custom-fit wireless earphones are being sold through Kickstarter where they’ve already smashed through their initial target raising almost $2million in the meantime! There’s only 3 days left to get hold of a pair so get over to the Revols Kickstarter Website quickly where there’ll set you back a very worthwhile £135 ($199)!

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