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The Ridge Stand

Finding a good laptop / phone stand is a near impossible task. Previously it has always been a trade-off between looking good and being functional, especially if you want something universal that will work across many different devices. That is all to change though, with the introduction of the quite beautiful, yet still functional, Ridge Stand.

Currently just 7 days into it’s 30 on kickstarter, The Ridge is probably the technology accessory for 2014. Giving you flexibility and adjustment to your laptop, tablet or mobile for work or pleasure. Now if you have a thick and ultimately ancient laptop, the stand will we are sure hold it, but it just won’t look as slick. Options are a plenty though when it comes to angles. There are two hinged joints allowing you to alter and adjust the stand to your choosing, and with their pressure technology, no clips are needed, the ridge just holds where you want. You will also find 5 slots neatly hidden away to keep all of your cables tidy.

The Ridge Stand is available right now on Kickstarter and is a very healthy 4K over its current target. At this moment in time you can grab one for just $65, and given it’s all aluminium construction and lightweight, that sounds like a bargain to us!

The Ridge Stand Netbook



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