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RIVER Mobile Power Station

A portable battery can be a godsend – and we don’t just mean for Pokémon GO. But sometimes your pocket sized power pack just isn’t enough. Well, if you’re on the lookout for the best mobile power station money can buy, you won’t go too wrong with the RIVER – a back-up generator and emergency battery which has holds enough charge for a whole year.

Suitably for both indoor and outdoor use, the RIVER Mobile Power Station has a shelf life of 1 year, which works out at around 3-4 times more than anything else on the market. This means you can leave in your boot or basement and only need to recharge once a year.

Recharged in only 6 hours on average by a solar charger, car charger or wall charger, the RIVER is compatible with pretty much anything you can think of. Equipped with 4 USB ports (2 Quick-Charge 2.0), 2 USB Type-C, 2 DC 6mm outputs, 2 AC outputs, and 1 12V Car Port, it does it all.

RIVER Charging Power Station 2

Not only that, thanks to its built-in ‘battery management system’, the charging device; A) automatically adjusts the power output to the Wattage your device needs; B) regulates temperature so your device doesn’t shut down by starting a fan if too hot; C) connects individually to each of the 11 output ports so if one were to short circuit or max-out the other 10 would continue charging.

You may be thinking this juggernaut is ridiculously heavy, and while it’s no feather, it does only weigh around 5kgs – or the same as your average cat. So it is portable. It’s also water resistant up to IP63 standards (rain, dust, sand, etc.).

Available in White & Black, the RIVER Power Station is being funded over at Indiegogo where it’s already reached its targets. You can grab now with prices starting at around £360 ($459). The first units will be shipped to the US and Canada by June, with UK Backers getting hold of one by September.

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