Rock Jaw Audio T5 Ultra Connect Earphones Review

The T5 Connect Ultra have just been re-launched with IPX5 protection and take Rock Jaw Audio’s very first wireless product to a new level. Packed with modern technology like HD audio, excellent range and a 11+ hour battery life, the earphones are made with aircraft grade aluminium, with a tasteful brushed finish to deliver a product that’s as durable as it is good-looking.

Custom engineered Titanium-coated diaphragm & CCAW voice coil drivers ensure audio performance is unrivalled, and we certainly found that true on our tests – certainly the best in-ear headphones we have ever used for sound quality. Partner this with Rock Jaw’s interchangeable tuning filters and different style and size of ear buds mean these wireless earphones can be tuned to any listener’s particular taste whilst having the fit of the proverbial glove.

So what about the sound? Well, as we mentioned the T5’s feature custom engineered Titanium-coated interiors really set this apart and when testing we found the sound to have a really powerful and tight bass line whilst still managing to keep crystal clear highs and a pretty decent mid-range that brings everything together. Whether you like your music with more punch in the low-end, elevated highs or as the artist intended, the T5 Ultra Connect lets you listen to your music wherever you are, just the way you like it.

We tried to test the Rock Jaw’s in as many different scenarios as possible; from the standard train commute, all the way to some pretty intense woodland running. In the most part they performed admirably well. Once you get them set up with the filter and ear plugs best suited to your ears they are comfortable and secure, which is always my main concern with an in-ear.


They didn’t fall out at any point but I did find that the cable between the ears along with the two ‘blocks’ (one x controls and one x sound / transmitting) moved around a lot when doing heavy cardio with lot’s of movement. But I guess that is the trade off with a prolonged battery life and superior sound when compared to single buds.

I also really like the peace of mind in having the new IP5 waterproof protection. Whilst you are unlikely to be in the shower with these, you actually probably could – with the IP5 rating being protected against jet’s of water and well beyond a little bit of rain.

With 11 hours stated battery life, simple charging via USB C and more options for filters and ear buds than you can shake a stick out, the Rock Jaw Audio T5 Ultra Connect earphones are probably the most customisable and versatile on the market. And with a price point of just under £75, they should certainly be on your shortlist for any new phones. For more information, check out Rock Jaw.