Samsung’s 4K QLED TV Can Go Invisible

Following on from the launch of their Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphone models last month, Korean tech giants Samsung have revealed the latest addition to their illustrious TV line-up, the QLED range. And one of the standout features of the new 4K range is the ‘ambient mode,’ which makes TVs hanging up on walls seemingly invisible.

Televisions have been the focus point of living rooms for years now. But not matter how often we use them, the gaping black hole-like void they leave when they’re switched off can really irk those of us who take the aesthetics of our living spaces seriously.

Samsung have tried to address the issue before: Just last year they teamed up with famed designer Yves Béhar for ‘The Frame’, concept that made the large-scale, flat-screen television far more palatable. Now, Samsung are taking that concept one step further with the 4K QLED.


Like the Frame, the QLED can also display any artwork you so wish. But it also has the capability to seemingly go invisible by displaying the brick work or wallpaper behind where it’s set. To do it, all users need to do is take a photo of your TV against the wall it resides and Samsung’s tech will do the rest, mimicking the backing and donning a camouflage.


The 4K QLED range also features the likes of Samsung’s ground-breaking ‘Quantum dot technology’, which enables over one billion potential colours on screen with a colour volume of 100%. On top of that, there’s also a voice assistant and something called ‘SmartThings’ can have your TV connected with smart devices and appliances, including your fridge and your smartphone.

There’s currently no pricing on the Samsung 4K QLED TV range but you can pre-register your interest over at the Samsung Website. TVs are expecting to drop at some point this month.