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Samsung at Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live is an event of epic proportions that brings 500 exhibitors to the floors of the eXcel Centre. Amongst the maze of stands are those offering things as diverse as roofing solutions, hot tubs, garden houses, décor, kitchen utensils, electronics and home appliances. Although they tend to be quite small and have, in most cases, obtuse sales people harassing you about under floor heating solutions or conservatories, there are some stands which are far grander and quite clearly worth visiting. Vauxhall and Renault are there booking test drives but the most eye-catching was Samsung’s stand.

Samsung GDL Stand

We’ve reviewed a suitably large number of Samsung electronics, a lot of which were on display here for the general public to get their paws on. This included the ES9000 range of TVs, the NX1000 camera, the NX300 camera and the Galaxy Camera. However, we’ve not had the chance to get up close and personal with the wider range of their home appliances. Being a man, home appliances rarely excite me (BBQs and Grills an obvious exception), and yet I have to admit that what was on show by Samsung at Grand Designs Live managed to pique my interest.

The specifics of a fridge don’t quite make for interesting reading (unless we’re talking beer capacity and then it’s a questions of cans vs bottles). However, the striking appearance of Samsung’s RF24, with its double doors, double drawers and stainless steel finish, stood out in their kitchen as the most eye-catching feature. The two drawers were particularly interesting, the bottom being the freezer unit, and the upper, more shallow ‘CoolSelect Zone’ drawer that has its own variable temperature– a dedicated champagne section or beer drawer if you will. Alternatively, you could keep food there I suppose? It’ll hold 510l, a surprisingly larger volume than normal – Samsung aim to appeal to that BOGOF nature in us all, since we’re buying so much at value, we need somewhere to store it all! They’ve installed a new slim line ice maker in order to accommodate more goods inside. Whilst the RF24 will keep your food perfectly chilled, the  new Samsung Smart Oven will do the other job of heating things up. 

 Samsung RF24

We love the way that Samsung electronic devices tend to take leaps forward with every new release (just look at the phones, tabs or cameras), but it is rare for an appliance to actually take a step. A fridge is a fridge, an oven an oven. The new Samsung microwave (MC32F606) is actually a Smart Oven? This badboy now has the ability to use IR and humidity sensors to check the surface temperature of the food its cooking to ensure it isn’t either under or overcooked, adjusting its settings as it goes. This should reduce the risk of ruining your hasty meal or slightly cooking what you intended to defrost. Another additional function is its airfrying, allowing you to healthily fry food with only a teaspoon of oil. We’ve tried other airfryers before, and they were fantastic, although we haven’t had the chance to test this, we’re hoping it’ll be just as good. Although I can’t think of ever having the urge, there is also the option of making your own yoghurt (providing you have some yoghurt to start with?!).

Samsung Smart Oven

There is also the new navibot robotic vacuum cleaner. This little devil will happily munch away on your crumbs and dirt, and comes with two rotary wipers to reach underneath low clearance objects and get into specific nooks and crannies. I have always loved the navibots, not only because they do the boring task of taking care of the floors when you’re not paying attention, but also because of Parks and Recreation’s robo vacuum DJ (strap an iPod dock on top and you have a roving music system).

The Samsung stand was set up as a mock house – the downstairs featuring the kitchen as well as a TV room displaying the ES9000. It was a fine set-up for showing how everything in the Samsung range operates well within their eco system. The white goods now come with an app that can help detect faults, so that mysterious rattle in the washing machine need worry you no-longer. In another area of the house, there was a TV set-up to show how easy it is to connect with the S4 and utilise the screen sharing function, playing games or streaming recordings. This was perhaps the most interesting part of the whole stand, being able to fully demonstrate how owning a number of Samsung electronics can provide morea unique experience within the home. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What else looked good? Laura Bailey came down to open the stand, she looks good! Have any thoughts on the Samsung range or their stand at Grand Designs Live? Share them with us here or via our social media channels.

 Laura Bailey with S4 Laura Bailey PC



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