Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Samsung Curved 55 inch OLED TV

Samsung has released a 55-inch curved OLED HDTV in the far east. The claim from Samsung and LG (both of which are hitting the far east market before they make their way west to the USA and Europe) is that the screen being equidistant from the viewer makes for a superior television experience.

The new Samsung 55-Inch curved OLED TV release keeps many of the features from the previous iteration including single screen multi-view – for when the other half wants to watch something else.

The curved screen also sorts out issues which occurred on LCD screens in the past where if the screen was being watched from and angle the display tended to lose colour saturation, making the view a bit of a nightmare, but with the curvature of the screen the pixels are bent towards the user. This, together with this problem not being an issue for Organic LCD’s means the image quality truly will be something to savour, with 55-Inches being plenty to take in. Just make sure you get the centre seat…

We cant wait for the Samsung curved OLED TV to hit the UK, and when it does it is likely to retail at around £8500.



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