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Samsung ecobubble Review

A washing machine isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the ultimate gadget, even in the kitchen. But with the new Samsung ecobubble WW9000 that may well be a thing of the past and it could well be the most beautiful kitchen gadget you will ever own. Read on for our Samsung ecobubble review.

Whilst the exterior may be incredibly sexy, dirty washing tends not to be though that doesn’t stop the Samsung Ecobubble washing machine from easily being the best pieces of washing apparatus we have ever used. Though if we are honest, the number isn’t that high.

The controls are incredibly simple, the front panel just houses 2 small buttons (a power switch and a start / pause button) and a small touch screen in the centre which houses all of the settings, wi-fi controls and a plethora of washing options. And even with the touchscreen the options are still simple and easy to read / select even for the most non-technical of people! As well as all of the pre-set options, you can favourite the ones you use most so they are easy to find in just a single touch. If you don’t think they are quite suited to what you need you can even customise your own options and save them for future use. Very handy for sports kit or similar which needs to be done on a regular basis but with a slightly tailored wash.

The main thing about this machine is the noise, or should we say lack of it. Even on a full spin at the end of the wash (you know the bit where your house shakes and you think a truck just came through your living room) the whole machine is near silent. Throughout the whole wash you can’t even tell the machine is even on, unless you leave the rather neat blue backlight on which lights up the drum.

The screens gives essential details in wash including time remaining and stage of the wash. Pauses, restarts and cancels are good and instant which is helpful if you have gone wrong somewhere or remembered you left your wallet in your jeans! Quick washes and low heat ones are as good as you will get and a full wash in the WW9000 will give you a better clean of whites than anything else.


The one thing we wanted to love about this machine but couldn’t quite get to work was the option to control the Samsung ecobubble machine with your smartphone, either via Wi-Fi or remotely (say from work). However whilst we could get the machine to connect to our wireless network (yes a washing machine with wireless) we could never get our iPhone to connect through the dedicated app. We don’t know if this is to do with our machine, phone or BT hub but it was a real disappointment.

The other thing you will need to watch out for is the size. The model we have is very large and although perfect for a large family it is a touch too big for average needs and sticks out a little when placed under a standard sized worktop. So just check your measurements.

The Samsung WW9000 Ecobubble washing machine is hands down the best kitchen gadget we have ever had the pleasure of using. Both in terms of cool things and aesthetics. The simple look will fit into any interior décor. We just wish we could operate it from the sofa.

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