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Samsung ecobubble Washing Machine

Hey, Joes. Raise your hand if you like washing… Nobody? Thought not. It’s time-consuming and takes some forward thinking that most of us lack from time to time. Quite honestly we’d rather be at the pub and we’re fairly confident you would too. Thanks to Samsung, however, it looks like we can all meet at the local and still get our shirts done for work in the morning with their new ecobubble WW9000 Washing Machine.

It’s been called the “washing machine of the future” and at first glance it’s fairly obvious why. We can’t be sure, but we reckon it’s been modelled on NASA astronaut helmets. The Blue Crystal door is certainly striking and does bring a contemporary, yet minimalist look. The futurism doesn’t stop there with complicated knobs and buttons being replaced with a touchscreen panel. The design is also a little more ergonomic than your bog-standard washing machine with a higher door which is also wider in size so loading and unloading takes less strain.

The streamlined design is not the sole selling point here though. The machine itself does all the usual “pure cleaning power” stuff, as Samsung call it, with one extra rather unique setting: The Auto Optimal Wash setting. Samsung research found that consumers rarely, if ever, check the wash instructions on their clothes to determine temperature settings on their machines. To address this the WW9000 assesses the load with four sensing technologies for ‘Automatic Washing’. The machine automatically analyses the size of the load, the water level needed, the amount of detergent needed (and adds more during the cycle if needed) and determines the degree of the soil on the clothes.


Now here’s the bit that means we can go to the pub: Samsung say, “with the tap of a button, our customers can view and control their washes from their smartphones, even when they are out doing the things that they really enjoy.” It was inevitable really, but the difference this and the Auto Optimal Wash setting could make to the washing experience is marked. We thoroughly approve.
Price: £1699
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