Samsung Foldable Screen

Rumours of fully functioning, practical flexi-screens have been swirling around for years. There’s even been a few demos of the technology too, but as soon as our interest is suitably peaked, we go months without hearing anything. Well, the talk doing the technosphere is that Samsung are set to release a display for their rumoured Galaxy X smartphone which you can fold up and stick in your pocket!

As reported by the Korea Herald, Samsung will be showcasing a couple of flexible screen prototypes this week at the SID Display Week 2016 conference in San Francisco. Rumour has it that the rollable screen will be used for tablets and TVs, coming in at just 0.3mm thick. Not only that, they claim that the display can then be rolled into a circle with only a quite staggering 10mm radius.

The new display Samsung are preparing to show off is a 5.7 AMOLED screen, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. While it’s not quite 4K, that’s still some high res when you take into account the size of the screen. It’s also incredibly light coming in at just 5 grams.

Samsung Foldable Screen 2
At the SID Display event, the Korea Herald also say Samsung will also be showcasing some other AMOLED displays, which have been designed with laptops in mind. While the displays will be incredibly thin to reduce the size and weight of machines, they won’t be foldable.

It’s quickly got to a stage where very few new release displays have a simple flat surface with TV’s and monitors all getting a slight curve to them… even smartphones have started to take advantage of flexible OLED panels. So it’s no great shock to hear that one of the big boys is close to the tech – we just pray the rumours are true!