Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV Doubles As Artwork

Forever at the forefront of TV design, Samsung have just unveiled their latest creation. Created by renowned designer Yves Béhar, The Frame smart television is built to ‘disappear in the décor’ as it acts as a framed piece of artwork when hung the wall.

Yes, Samsung’s new The Frame television will sit flat against a wall and displays artworks when not in use. Not only that, thanks to in-built brightness sensors, the TV will only turn off completely when nobody is in the room.

It’s the creation of Yves Béhar, a designer who was the founder and principal designer of Fuseproject. Having worked with Samsung back in 2015 for the stunning Serif sculptural TV, Béhar is said to have looked at the visual presence a television has in a room, and how he could make it appear less obvious – with apartments and smaller homes at then forefront of his ideas.

Samsung Frame TV Yves Behar 4

For the design, Béhar consulted with some of the most prestigious museums in the world and created something that’s available in White, Black and wood veneer finishes, meaning it can blend into any home décor.

When the television is turned off, the display goes into something called ‘Art Mode’, where users of the TV can explore art by artist – including the likes of Luisa Lambri, Barry McGee and Todd Eberle – or by genre. Naturally, they can also display their own artwork or family photos.

Samsung Frame TV Yves Behar 3

Samsung also claims that The Frame is the first display that uses sensors to adapt to its changing environment with automated brightness. Thanks to sensors, the image adjusts based on the room lighting. As well as saving power, this also means that the artworks appear physical as opposed to digital.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is due to go on sale within a few months but as of yet there’s no date or price announced. Head over to the Samsung Website for more details.

Samsung Frame TV Yves Behar 1