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Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite possibly the phone of the year. Not for lack of competition, as we love the arguably better performing HTC One and the slick Sony Xperia Z, however the Samsung Galaxy S4 just seems to have the edge in appeal, though of course the proof is in the pudding. As far as Android goes, this will be the big seller, the big hit and the one most people pull out of their pockets with pride. Saying that, pulling it out your pocket, or even putting it in, is not without danger. The content from your pockets is the number one cause for scratching your screen, let alone the fumbles and the drops. So, with that in mind, we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. Here are our early selections for the best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, bumpers and screen protectors.

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 View Cover

The daddy of all S4 cases. The case replaces the battery cover at the back reducing the bulk, and a cover protects the screen. The cover has a viewing portal to allow you to check the time, texts, call ID, music track and battery info without having to flip it open, making those quick glances even easier. Simple and easy to use. Also, you can reject that annoying ex calling without even giving her the courtesy of opening up your phone.

£33.53 – Buy at Amazon.


Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover

The lesser brother of the View cover, this follows Samsung trends by replacing the battery housing with the back to produce a fine cover with minimal addition to dimension. You can also chat with the cover closed to prevent any embarrassing face presses on the screen (we’ve all muted ourselves at some point, be honest). The Flip comes in a wide range of colours to suit your mood as well.

From £19 – Buy at Amazon.


CaseMate Galaxy S4 Premium Covers

CaseMate have stepped up a gear in protecting your new Samsung Galaxy S4. Their range of cases are stunning and elegant, and bring a touch of class to your touchscreen. Providing protection for the front and back of your phone, it’ll keep it safe and keep it stylish. The rosewood cover is our personal favourite because it looks great on a vintage car dashboard, although the very top end of the line is the Mother of Pearl finish if you’re after something ridiculously elegant.

CaseMate Folio

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Folio Case from CaseMate is a return to simplicity. Their foilio, side opening case provides good cover for the front and back of your phone whilst added only slightly to its dimensions. It is very much more affordable than their high end range of cases, and if you’re a fan of simple flip-open cases then this is the one for you.

CaseMate Tread Case

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Tread Case is one most people will be familiar with on launch. The design has existed since the first case of its kind for the iPhone way back when Samsung phones weren’t any good. Its got great rubberised grip so it won’t be slipping out of your hand any time soon, but if it does, it’ll be well protected.

From left to right: Samsung Galaxy S4 Case-mate Rosewood ($50 – $150), Folio (from £30) and Tread.

Tech21 Galaxy S4 Snap Case with Cover

The Tech21 Galaxy S4 Case range is pretty good as always. Providing a solid range of cases and their distinctive snap cover, they have also produced an EE exclusive available in mesh, with distinctive orange sides. It wasn’t that long ago they demonstrated on Jonathan Ross just how solid their technology is for protecting your phone. Our pick is the snap case with cover, as it provides the total protection your shiny new Galaxy S4 requires from a case. The range of colours is limited though, and some may consider them quiet dull in that respect.

From £19.99


Griffin Midtown Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S4

Wallet cases have become increasingly popular. There are already loads on Amazon from dubious sellers from halfway across the world. Griffin’s brings assured quality from an established case maker. It has space for 3 cards the smooth bi-fold folio case will provide solid protection for your screen and back, as well as providing a separate slot for all your bank notes.



Galaxy S4 Reveal Case by Griffin

The case provides good protection for the sides and back of your phone, with a slightly raised rim to protect your screen at angled drops. The ultra-thin polycarbonate and rubber lining adds only 1.6mm to the overall design. The real selling point is that you can still show off the fact you’re talking on a Samsung Galaxy S4 – why hide it in a case since you’ve probably just forked out a lot of money for it?!



Samsung Galaxy S4 Survivor with Belt Clip from Griffin

A real hard knocks case here. The shatter resistant polycarbonate frame, with shock absorbing silicone and a built in screen protector provide more than ample cover against the elements as well as dirt, sand, shock and vibrations. It even meets the US DoD Standard 810F (meaning its pretty damn sturdy). This should do for most urbanites worrying about dropping on the sidewalk as well as your average lumberjack or mountaineer. In honesty though, I can’t remember the last person I even saw their phone clipped to their belt this side of 2010!



Belkin Galaxy S4 Armband

Fancy exercising and showing off your new phone? Easily done with a little help from the Belkin Armband. This is slimfit, meaning it is a lot less bulky than the cheap generic ones on the market, and will be lighter and certainly put together better. Made with neoprene, it is breathable, flexible and washable. The design has removed the loops as well to ensure it fits very comfortably to facilitate your workout!

Belkin Galaxy S4 Surround Case

Is this actually a case? Not really. It’s an S4 bumper, but by another name. It wraps around the edges of your phone to prevent damage from general bumps and scrapes,  and with raised edges should provide some protection for the screen and back panel is dropped. Nothing particularly special, but one of the few bumpers out there is its more your style.

Left to right: Samsung S4 Cases Belkin S4 Armband ($34.99) and Surround Case ($29.99).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sena leather wallets/pouches

Quite possibly our pick of the pouches goes to Sena’s beautifully crafted racing stripe Galaxy S4 pouch. Very affordable and distinctive with the bright red stripe (although does come in other colours), this pouch is made from a quality leather to match its design. A convenient pull strap also allows you to slip it out of the case easily. They do also offer a wallet case and a pouch/card holder.


Proporta Barbour Case

Almost everyone has a Barbour jacket these days, and although the weather is getting warmer, Winter is Coming. Dress your phone up in classic quilted Barbour style with this case, which obviously provides excellent protection for the phone. Itshas the quilted exterior, quality leather patches and has the typical magnetic functions of many of the cases here. It even has the classic inner lining, and a pouch for cards or notes as you see fit. Coming in black or navy, this is quite possibly the very best case we’ve seen in a long time!

Proporta Quicksilver Case

Recently back from the beaches, we can’t help but have a special love for Quicksilver. So Proporta’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Quicksilver Case instantly stood out for us as one of the coolest branded cases. The typical Quicksilver pattern makes this incredibly distinctive, and the different colours and vibrancies make the range quite different. Of course, they are sturdily built and offer protection for the back and side of your Galaxy S4, as well as the front with a raised rim.

Left to right: Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Proporta Barbour (£39.95) & Proporta QUicksilver.

Speck SmartFlex View

One of the beautiful things about the Galaxy S4 is its vibrant and large screen which is perfect for viewing videos or making video calls on the go. Of course, when doing so, putting it down and having free hands is vital. Too many times I’ve fumbled to find a make-shift stand, but the Speck SmartFlex View case comes with a kickstand to support the phone. It is made of the same durable material as the other cases in the line-up with raised edges to protect the screen.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases: Speck SmartFlex Card Case

If you want a solid and sexy looking case that’ll hold your cards without actually being a flipping wallet, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Speck SmartFlex Card Case is right up your alley. Providing a slot on the back for up to 3 cards, and available in a range of colours, it’ll house your phone snugly as well as your money.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender Series

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender Cases bring the A-game when it comes to proper all round protection for your shiny new gadget. It is a multi-layered design proven reliable for bumps, knocks, scratches and drops. Ports cover the docks to prevent dust buildup, there is a built in screen protector and it has a handy kickstand for media consumption. If you are clumsy as hell or live a ridiculously rugged lifestyle, Otterbox Defernders have and will most likely remain your case of choice.

Otterbox Commuter Series

The wildly popular Otterbox commuter series is also released for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Made from polycarbonate and silicone layers keep the phone suitably protected and it also has ports to keep dust and dirt out of the sockets. Conveniently, it also comes with a screen protector. Although they are far more stylish and sleek than the Defender Series, they manage this by compromising slightly on their protective factor.

Left to right: Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender Case & Commuter Series.


X-Doria have produced a range of their styled cases for the S4 to match some of their others. When it comes to X-Doria, it is certainly less about substance and more about the style. Whilst it is safe tos ay that their designs might not appeal to everyone (including myself), they appear to be the most unique range out there if you’re looking for a more personal way to protect your phone.


There we have it, the very best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases that are currently available the world over, all lovingly handpicked by us including prices and specs! We missed one? Found a Gem? One is crap?? Let us know on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or if you are really geeky, circle us on Google+.




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