As self-confessed geeks here at Average Joes HQ, we’re not ashamed to say we wasted much of our youth in our rooms with our Game Boys and Pokémon Reds. But while we’ve still got the cartridges, Nintendo unfortunately haven’t manufactured the hand-held console since 1998 and we’ve been forced to go about our everyday lives as if everything was normal – despite being Pokémon-free.

Samsung Licences Hyperkin To Turn Your Phone Into a Game Boy

But we’ll pretend no more thanks to Samsung and the good folk at Hyperkin who are set to release the Smart Boy; a clip-on device for your Android-enabled smartphone which will turn your Samsung smartphone into a fully functioning Game Boy!

Hyperkin initially teased the Smart Boy as a joke for April Fool’s day in 2015. But after seeing the incredible amount of positive feedback for it, the online technology retailer decided to make good on their promise and actually make the thing. And now it’s been officially licensed by Samsung’s Mobile Accessory Partnership Program.

Hyperkin Android Smart Boy 1
The device itself simply clicks on to your Android smartphone, turning it into a Game Boy-style hand-held complete with old school Grey colour and similar button configuration. All you need to do is simply plug in your original cartridge into the rear slot and then you can catch ‘em al! It even takes Game Boy Colour cartridges.

It might seem like a pure gimmick, and while it obviously is, we think it’s a great solution for Joes who want to play both classic and retro games. The only issue is the lack of compatibility for iPhone users… Here’s hoping they can work something out!

The Hyperkin Smart Boy is available now over at the Hyperkin Website where it will set Joes back around £40 ($59.99).

Hyperkin Android Smart Boy 2



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