Attempting to overtake a lorry down a country road can be a terrifying experience. Especially when you’ve got three people in the back seats telling you “you could have gone there!” But Samsung is going to save you annoyances and possibly even lives with its safety truck prototype that has a giant TV screen on its back doors!

Samsung Make Overtaking Lorries Easier with Giant TVs

Samsung’s prototype has a wireless camera on the front of the truck that is linked up to a video wall integrated into the back of the lorry. You can therefore see the road ahead, warning you if there are any cars coming.

According to Samsung, it won’t even matter if the road ahead is pitch black, the safety truck concept will still deliver clear footage of the road ahead.

The obvious question is whether the technology will work in the rain. Camera lenses can easily get wet, especially if it’s mounted on the front of a moving vehicle, and visibility can be poor at the best of times here in the UK. Obviously there’s not much Samsung can do about fog though.

Samsung are still waiting for regulatory approval so that this concept lorry can become a reality. Samsung said: “So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people.”

We doubt you’ll see gigantic screens on the back of large fleets like Eddie Stobart anytime soon but we’re hoping to spot one on the road soon. Take a look at the Samsung video below to see the concept in action.



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