Mobile devices are everywhere, we all own one, many of us own multiple. But they still make for one of the most annoying things to man when they are on their annual go slow. Well Samsung and their new memory range believe they can change all that, and with the added addition of saving battery life.

Samsung Memory

The new range consists of your standard SD memory cards which are found in most phones, cameras and the like, as well as the now very popular, Solid State Drives (hard drives). Samsung have stated that the new memory range may help to improve battery life of our devices by upto 70%, a bold statement by anyone’s standard.

In just the last few weeks SSD drives have dropped in price dramitcally, with drives being picked up for £100 upwards. Offering no seek time, jogs and speeds of up to 110 times faster than a 15K RPM HDD they really are becoming the norm. Found in every ultrabook (by design) and no doubt will be found in the latest carnation of Mac books when they are released over the next month or two.

The SD cards are near indestructible, and have been tested to survive submersed in salt water fro up to 24 hours and still remain fully functional. Not to mention it can with hold pressure of up to 1.6 tons without even breaking a sweat.

As part of promotion, Samsung have created three (slightly scary) fictional characters that make your life a living hell. Let’s hope we don’t meet Battery Brutus, Loading Ball Larry or Fiona Freeze in the flesh. The videos are more like mini feature films than promotional videos. Cheesy yes, but we do love Loading Ball Larry and his likeness to Brian Badonde from Facejacker!


Don’t forget we have been forced to join Google+ by the search engine giant.

This post is sponsored by Samsung Memory.



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