Samsung Sero – a TV for the TikTok generation?

Have you ever looked at your tv and wished it would rotate 90 degrees? No? Me either! Despite this, Samsung recently brought a tv to market that does exactly this. It’s called the Sero. 

Let’s start with the big elephant in the room. Its price. At around £1600 for just 43 inches, the Sero is seriously expensive given a good 55 inch tv can be had for less than £500. On the plus, you can turn the box into a house for your cat. No, seriously, Samsung include instructions on how to do exactly that. 

I expect most of the cost is for the unique design. If you’re one of the many people who doesn’t wall mount their tv then the Sero’s design might be a welcome fresh approach. The screen sits atop a reclined blue stand. Almost like a painting on an easel. It’s a cool design and unlike any other TV on the market. It reminds me of Bang and Olufsen’s design language and there are few greater compliments. 

Behind the screen sits a motorised mount. It allows the QLED 4K screen to rotate 90 degrees. Conveniently the same shape as the phone you’re probably reading this on. That’s no accident. Samsung seems to want to change the way you consume the latest short-form social media. 

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook all use some form of portrait video content. TikTok feels like one of the main reasons this TV exists. The infamous social media platform is the fastest growing offering right now and is attracting millions of users from many different age ranges. We’ve even signed up recently to see what the hype is all about. All that content cannot be properly viewed on a normal without having large black bars either side. The Sero doesn’t have that issue. To get the same viewing size with portrait content you would need a far, far bigger TV.

Will it catch on? This is hard to say. I have never personally felt like turning my TV on its side so that I can more easily view a 15 second cat video. I’m probably far from the target demographic. I guess time will tell and we’ll only know if other brands copy Samsung’s idea. For now it remains a curiosity in the world of TVs.

Do you want a Samsung Sero? And if so, would you watch TikTok on it? Let us know in the comments.