Scalextric Star Wars


May the 4th be with you!

Now everyone knows we are big kids at heart, with a strong lean towards the geek! So what could be better than news confirming the release of the new Scalextric Star Wars Track Set. Officially released tomorrow, this confirms the first launch in the three year licensing deal. We believe the launch will consist of The “Death Star Attack” and the “Battle Of Endor” tracks.

The Death Star Attack Scalextric Set is 1:64 scale, which is classed as micro and features Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing racing against Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. Rumours are that this will be glow in the Dark to give it a different edge.

Battle Of Endor Scalextric Set is double size at 1:32 scale and is what you would expect from your normal race track. This will see two Imperial Speeder bikes against one another, as in the famous scene with Luke and a Biker Scout. It looks like there will be scenery around the track which is pretty cool. And we are of course hoping for Ewoks!

What interests us is the fact the boxes have the scale printed on them. Which makes us wonder, is Star Wars actually real….