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Scribble Ink Pen

In my school days, being able to write in any colour meant carrying around a huge pencil case filled with an absurd number of pens, many of which (four shades of brown, anyone?), would never get used. But even with this level of dedication, not every colour could be covered.

However, it seems that those days are gone and, if the new Scribble pen is anything to go by, future generations will never bear the burden of a hundred-pack of gel pens.

Indeed, with this new pen, which should be starting a Kickstarter campaign soon, you won’t even need to go through the effort of choosing a colour. All you’ll need to do is see a colour you like, scan it using the pen’s built-in 16-bit RGB colour sensor, and the pen will perfectly reproduce the colour for you to write or draw in. Reportedly, the pen is able to reproduce 16 million different colours and, furthermore, these can be sent to your smartphone or computer using the device’s Micro USB port or its Bluetooth connectivity.


For those who prefer virtual ink to real ink, there looks to be a second incarnation of the pen, too. This will work in a similar way but will feature a stylus on the end instead of a pen nib. The device will then communicate the colour to a touchscreen device, allowing the user to draw/write in that colour. Power should be provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will charge through the device’s Micro USB port.

Having not yet begun its Kickstarter campaign, there is not a great deal more information available on the pen, although prices are reportedly going to be around $80 for the stylus and $150 for the ink pen.




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