With vinyl sales going through the roof, more innovative turntables are an inevitability. Earlier this year we featured the Love Turntable, which not only spins on the record, but can also be controlled by your smartphone; and more recently we covered the Wheel by Miniot. Well, next on the ‘want list’ is the all-in-one Seed Turntable.

Seed All-In-One Multi-Functional Turntable

Seed is an all-in-one, multi-function system that integrates everything you’d need from a turntable set-up. While most high-spec turntables require an additional speaker system purchase – which often costs an arm and a leg – Seed offers excellent sound quality, high output and wireless streaming in one simple setup.

With patented suspension design, the Seed turntable claims to be ‘the world’s first turntable system that successfully integrates excellent-fidelity analog sound with 70W high output.’ That means there’s no need to bother with additional audio outputs as Seed combines a high-end turntable with speakers, offering a complete solution to playing vinyl.

Seed is embedded with a built-in amplifier, two 1” tweeters and two 4” woofer drivers. All of which means it’s capable of driving 70W of output, which is actually pretty impressive for an all-in-one system. Seed say it’s so good that the dynamic range is increased by 20% more than if you were to use separate full-range speakers.

Seed Turntable Kickstarter 3

The frequency response of Seed is labelled as ‘flat’, meaning it produces audio accurately to the original source. Also, to enrich the sound quality, Seed is has been lovingly applied with ballistic, Kevlar fibre to enhance deep bass response.

As well as the traditional analog experience, Seed can also stream from various digital music platforms via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It can also connect to other audio systems via RCA, SPDIF, AUX in/output.

The Seed Turntable is being crowdfunded over at Kickstarter where it’s already made its target with a week of pledging left. Head over to the Seed Kickstarter Website where you can get hold of one for around £320 ($409). Deliveries will be shipped anywhere in the world for August.

Seed Turntable Kickstarter 2



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