If you can remember the craze of 2015, the word ‘Segway’ may strike you with the fear of God. Either they were impossible to ride or you were ran over by one in a provincial shopping centre. But Segway are back and they’re bringing a brand new product with them. Introducing the Segway Drift W1, a set of electric roller platform shoes that look… well… dangerous!

Segway Unveil the Dangerous Looking Drift W1 Roller Shoes

Segway has been tinkering with all sorts of new concepts since it was acquired by Ninebot back in 2015. But the Drift W1 marks the first time Segway have offered up something genuinely new to be sold to the masses. Explaining them should be easy. But it’s not. Image some motorised inline platform skate shoe things and you’re probably on the right path.

The Drift W1 has two separate e-Skates, which Segway say allows you to ‘dance, do tricks, or glide.’ They’re powered by a Smart Battery Management system, which ‘will be monitored to prevent over-heating and over-charging.’ There’s also some rather 90s ambient lights found in the front and rear just in case you thought you could get away without being noticed and laughed at.


Segway say the Drift W1 can reach speeds of up to 12km/h (7.5 mph), making them three times faster than walking. The impressive bit is that when fully charged, they can provide you with a 45 minute ride. They’re also fairly light at just 7kg all told, meaning they’re most definitely portable. We’re just not sure how you, you know, start or stop?

Pricing and availability of the Segway Drift W1 has been kept under wraps but there is talk it’ll be sold for around £399.99. You can pre-order now, however, over at the Segway Website. Segway will give the Drift W1 its full unveiling at the IFA 2018 tech show in Berlin on 30th August.


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